Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Red-bellied woodpecker

My parents have a Red-bellied woodpecker that is determined to peck through there metal chimney cap. So periodically through the day you will hear this little guy pecking his brains out (literally). Kinda sounds like a machine gun haha.
So took it as an excuse to play with my watercolors.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Turtle watercolor and painted furniture

I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but as usual, I wasn't that clever. My husband had some old wooden furniture since his birth that has managed to stick with him for 25 years. We finally got new furniture so I painted the old dresser and chest of drawers for my little girls room. Eventually we will move it when we no longer need the changing table, but for now it fits.

I found my watercolors from highshool while cleaning and decided to play around a little. Turtles are my favorite animal (even though I am actually scared of them) so naturally I chose to paint one. I have gotten away from sketching and doodling and Have really been needing to revisit it. It is so much more enjoyable for me to doodle than to attempt at a master piece ;)