Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ocean themed baby room completed

Finished my sons "under the sea" ocean themed baby room! Can't wait to meet him next month. I molded to mobiles out of crayola model magic. If you mold model magic and let it dry for several days it is a very light weight material that can be painted. Perfect DIY project. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ocean themed baby room

I found out I am pregnant with a little boy and due this summer. I have painted a mural covering his walls with anatomically correct coral reef fish, including my favorite, the panther grouper!
I chose to do an ocean themed baby room because I thought the blue would be calming and the fish would provide a lot of stimulation. Contradictory effects? Maybe. My husband loved helping me pick the fish. We chose to incorporate clown fish, blue tang, yellow tang, pennant angels, panther grouper, blue sea stars, urchins and sea horses. I am in the process of creating a fish mobile out of model magic. Will post when I finish. My 22 month old daughter loves the "fish room."

In Memory of a Father

The beginning of this year my childhood best friend lost her father. This painting is a memorial to her wonderful father, Mr. T-bone. It incorporates photographs, patches he helped her earn in brownies and some of his military patches. I love you Manda!!!