Monday, June 4, 2012

Homemade Baby Gifts: Pacifier clips

I made my baby girl some homemade pacifier clips and toy holders. She has become a huge fan of throwing her pacifiers and toys. This is an easy and fashionable way to keep things from hitting the ground.

I have had several people ask me how I made these since my daughter has been using them. It is soooo easy!

You will need:
suspender clips (metal clip)
ribbon that is 1inch thick
hot glue
velcro or snaps

cut the desired length of ribbon.
fold the ribbon in the back to form a seam (meeting in the middle and securing with glue). The seam l created can be seen on the purple pacifier holder. Attach the velcro or snaps ensuring that they are far enough apart to attach a pacifier or toy. I would recommend sewing snaps on and reinforcing with hot glue so your baby doesn't chew them off and choke. Then loop the other end through the suspender clip.

These make great personalized gifts for baby showers. Extra ribbon can be used for a matching hairbow.


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  2. Will do that for my baby gifts in Singapore to be given to my mommy-to-be friend! Im so excited!

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